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ABG Shipyard Limited

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BSE Code: 532682       NSE Code: ABGSHIP

Business Profile
ABG Shipyard (ABGSHIP), the flagship company of the ABG group, manufactures and repairs ships for commercial and government clients. It was acquired in 1989 and went public in 1995. The chairman of the company is Kamlesh Kumar Agarwal and Rishi Agarwal, the managing dire.. More
Annual Report YearDownloadPreviewAvailable Since
2012-13 03 Oct 13
2011-12 28 Sep 12
2010-11 07 Sep 11
2009-10 17 Sep 10
2008-09 30 Mar 10
2007-08 30 Mar 10
2006-07 30 Mar 10
2005-06 30 Mar 10
2004-05 30 Mar 10

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ABG Shipyard Ltd - Initiation Report     Source: ICRA Online Ltd
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