Latest Reports:
Company NameYearReport Date 
TATA COFFEE LTD. 2022-23 09-May-2023
Waidhan Engineering & Industries Pvt. Ltd. 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Trilok Security Systems India Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Kunal Cotton Industries Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
AKS Alloys Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Techmech Engineers 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Ykz Zip Fastners Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Young Brand Apparel Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
ULCCS IT Infrastructure Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Pragati Electrocom Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Laxmi Construction Company 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Krishna Valley Power Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Wonder Minerals Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
SPBM Foundation 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Maa Amba Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Advance Ventilation Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Universal Trust of Education & Research 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
T C Spinners Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
TULSI COLD STORAGE PVT. LTD. 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Triveni Smelters Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Sahu Exports 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
PRT Hotels Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
L&T BPP Tollway Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Holy Faith Builders and Developers Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Cairo International 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Bimla Rice International 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Prashanth Projects Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Orma Marble Palace Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Jewelmark India Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
D. Ratna Exports 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Boulevard Services Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Accura Enterprises Pirvate Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Agrawal Structure Mills (P) Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Apollo Metalex Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Patnaik Steels and Alloys Ltd 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Golden Textiles 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Amit Cottons Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Shukan Heights Corporation 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
Aphrodite Infra Private Limited 2021-22 28-Apr-2023
V S D Confin Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Valecha Engineering Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Trade-Wings Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Shyama Infosys Ltd 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Pawansut Holdings Ltd 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Mardia Samyoung Capillary Tubes Company Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
IVRCL Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Focus Industrial Resources Ltd 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Crazy Infotech Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Corporate Merchant Bankers Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
CHD Developers Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
VICEROY HOTELS LTD. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Vijay Growth Financial Services Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Sudal Industries Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
SpiceJet Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
SKIL Infrastructure Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Sintex Plastics Technology Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Sical Logistics Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
SHARP INDIA LTD. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Sharika Enterprises Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
SDC Techmedia Ltd 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Scooters India Ltd 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Sathavahana Ispat Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Richa Industries Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
PTC INDIA LTD. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
PTC India Financial Services Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Precision Containeurs Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Globe Commercials Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Esha Media Research Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Ekam Leasing and Finance Company Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Dharani Sugars and Chemicals Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Dharani Finance Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd. 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Bheema Cements Limited 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
Ace Men Engg Works Ltd 2021-22 11-Dec-2022
TIL Limited 2021-22 04-Dec-2022
Take Solutions Limited 2021-22 04-Dec-2022
Octavius Plantations Ltd. 2021-22 04-Dec-2022
Interface Financial Services Limited 2021-22 04-Dec-2022
IFCI Limited 2021-22 04-Dec-2022
Eureka Forbes Limited 2021-22 04-Dec-2022
Dredging Corporation India Ltd. 2021-22 04-Dec-2022
Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd. 2021-22 04-Dec-2022
City Pulse Multiplex Ltd. 2021-22 04-Dec-2022
UBE Inds Limited 2021-22 28-Nov-2022
Tulsyan NEC Limited 2021-22 28-Nov-2022
Triumph Intl Fin Ltd. 2021-22 28-Nov-2022
Triton Corp Ltd 2021-22 28-Nov-2022
Ashutosh Paper Mills Ltd. 2021-22 28-Nov-2022
TIRTH PLASTIC LIMITED 2021-22 28-Nov-2022
Thambbi Modern Spinning Mills Ltd. 2021-22 28-Nov-2022
Teesta Agro Industries. Ltd. 2021-22 28-Nov-2022
Technofab Engineering Limited 2021-22 28-Nov-2022
Swojas Energy Foods Limited 2021-22 28-Nov-2022