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Prakash Steelage Limited

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BSE Code: 533239       NSE Code: PRAKASHSTL

Please do try to use an alternate pdf reader in case the file is unopenable with adobe.The alternative readers are Nitro Pdf,Foxit Pdf and Sumatra Pdf.. Thank you for your kind understanding.We are attempting to resolve this funny technical issue ! Please do reach out to us at in case of any issue.
Annual Report YearDownloadPreviewAvailable Since
2018-19 31 Aug 19
2017-18 09 Oct 18
2016-17 02 Oct 17
2015-16 18 Sep 16
2014-15 10 Sep 15
2013-14 07 Sep 14
2012-13 25 Jul 13
2011-12 25 Jul 12
2010-11 20 Jul 11

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